bit of fence line cleaning, chainsaw tuning

Did the south side of the dog run.  I’d been fighting the limbs when mowing and that’s really annoying.

I was struggling a bit with the chainsaw tune;  got lost in the game on where everything was.

The manufacturer’s of residential grade saws (ie, “disposable” saws) aren’t likely to document what the stock screw turns-out are, or even sell you the tool.  So I searched google for info from experienced users/techs.   Based on my reading the stock setting is 2 turns out on both the High and Low, and adjust as needed.  BOOM! that was it!  Roared to life and I got it dialed in from there.

During my time lost in the tuning wilderness I figured it was time to mark the tool:

That little silver dot on the handle of the carb tool is made with a Sharpie Metallic.  A friend at work said how well they work for marking black plastic and WOW does it make a difference.  First thing I do when buying anything with an adapter or wall war is mark it with the name of the device it belongs to.  Where has this been all my life.


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