fiction, elitist bastage style

I’d been looking at at the New York Times e-book best seller list to see what was out there but so much of it is crap (romance, pulp series, YA).  This does not speak well of the reading public but there is an argument to made it’s good they are reading something.

But I found that Amazon has their own best seller list for e-book literary fiction;  we can translate this as good fiction.  Non-moronic fiction.  Fiction for people who read without moving their lips.



torture device

Snagged it used off craigslist from a fellow a couple miles southwest of Point. 2hrs to disassemble and about 3 to reassemble; I only tore it down far enough to get it transported.

I went a bit over my $100 target on this one but it has a leg press which has been hard to find on the used market.

A couple of years back my physician advised I “wasn’t getting any younger” and it’s time to start getting in better shape.  I started with a few garage sale free weights and a treadmill for cardio.   Overall I’ve been pretty disciplined although I stumbled a bit after the move.

Weekend edition: omnibus

This was a good weekend.  Got a lot done.  And today is a half-day because I have a followup at the VA (hence this blog post).

  • Got two sessions of work in on the east fenceline.  I would have finished on Thursday but I was sickly and missed the CC and Point EDC meetings.  😦
  • Picked up bike from Dallas Honda.  The OEM Metzler Roadtex Z8 tire lost a strip of rubber.  There is some argument about whether it was road hazard or defective tire.  I took pics for Metzler and will follow up with them.  Replaced it with a Continental Motion which is a well-regarded commuting tire for the NC700X.
  • While I was in Dallas I picked up the Microcenter coupon freebie 32GB class 10 microSDHC card.  Woot!
  • Picked up a cheap power supply at Microcenter and got the “beast” machine back online.  It runs a Minecraft server, etc.  I am thinking about moving Plex there and maybe setting up a bitcoin P2Pool mining server on it.
  • Listed my perfectly-fine Moto G on eBay.  I bought this as a replacement for my beloved Note 2 that died about the time I moved to Point.  But it was too hard of an act to follow;  I was passionate about the Note 2 while the Moto G merely met my needs.  So…
  • I bought a used Note 2 off eBay for a pittance now that it is a couple generations old at this point.  The 32GB micro will live in the Note.  I still have the card from my old note but it now stores video for the bike’s “dashcam”.
  • Working on the beast reminded me how much l like Lubuntu.  Especially once I turned on the normal openbox rightclick menus.