Scanner feed

Making progress on getting a Rains County scanner feed up and running. A rough, short sample is online at You will hear Champion EMS on the recording but I am seriously considering removing them. They do cover Rains Co with a unit stationed in Emory, but 90% of the Champion traffic is from areas outside Rains Co.

My goals for this project are:

  1. Have a live scanner feed for the county.  I will try to do this by streaming to Broadcastify, the streaming sub-site of RadioReference.  Rains County has its own RR site showing used freqs but only East Tawakoni VFD is currently streamed.
  2. Archive a VOXed recording of the stream daily and list it on site.  Yes, broadcastify does do archiving but it’s for ‘premium’ users only and the archives are not VOXed (silence removed).   VOXing reduces playtime and filesize by about 80%.  Most of the time scanners are quiet because no one is transmitting except when needed.

The setup is basically working except for a nasty ground loop buzz, but I’ll have that under control over the weekend, I hope.

Here are the pieces:


GRE PSR-500 P25 scanner cabled to an ancient Dell D410 laptop.



The laptop runs Lubuntu (free), a lightweight variant of Ubuntu  linux.

Darkice (free), an audio streamer compatible with the  Icecast2 (free) stream server which Broadcastify and many other audio streamers run.  It pulls the audio off the soundcard and encodes/streams it.  Ices2 is the normal streamer for Icecast2 but it only does .ogg streams.  Darkice does .mp3 which is more widespread and a  Broadcastify requirement anyhow.

sox (free) audio swiss army knife for making VOXed files from the raw stream dumps saved to disk.  Snippet of bash (free) script that calls sox on

LAME (free) libraries for encoding mp3.

Do you see a pattern here with my preference for free and open source software (FOSS)?


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