Interesting little beast.   Patterned on the internals and efficiency of the Honda Fit engine, the engine is a parallel twin tuned for low rpm grunt.   Basically a “standard” motorcycle set up for commuting.

Found a hold-over (never sold) 2012 in Oklahoma for $1500 discount.  She followed me home.




The most expensive cable channels

From the Wall Street Journal blog:


Didn’t watch any of those channels even when I had cable.  So it’s doubly annoying to have been required to subsidize those that did.

I still don’t have a TV and have no plans to get one.  I did build a Plex server (free) which allows one to stream local or web-based video to various devices.  I watch a couple of shows (Longmire, Hannibal, Daily Show)  on my phone/tablet while walking on the treadmill.  Every once in a while if I’m worn out I’ll stream the Plex stuff to the projector, but most of the time I prefer to be doing something at the same time.  TV is such a time suck.

scanner feed de-buzzed

I put a ground loop eliminator inline with the mic and the buzz is eliminated.

Sample online at  Very clear.  There are some garbled P25 transmissions but this is not a function of the eliminator or stream.  I don’t have enough antenna to pull and decode the weak P25.

It appears the interstitial “silence” is so quite it’s throwing off my VOX scripting.  Tuning that and trying again…

Don’t be stoopid like me

I was cleaning up more limbs off the fenceline so I could get the tractor closer when mowing.

After doing that I hopped in the truck to pull around and pick them up.  But I saw my nemesis, one of those horrible locust trees (or whatever has the giant thorns).  I’ll just get that booger out of the way.  I picked a direction to drop it.  Away from the truck, relatively easy access.

I was too preoccupied with not getting stabbed by the thorns to make an accurate cut.  Yes, I dropped that thorny thing on my back.  “Yippee!” I shouted with notable gusto, although it may have been some other word now that I think about it more closely.

In my defense my shirt was still stapled to my back by about a dozen of those spikes.  They hurt at the time (as one would suspect) but one of them didn’t stop hurting.  Real soreness in the musculature on my right shoulder blade lasted two days.

I think what happened is this:  since I am right handed I used my right arm to get the treelet off me.  I think the muscle was hurt by moving while pinned down (like a sheet of paper tugged on after being tacked down with a push-pin).

I think the tree and I are tied, 1-1.