Low-information riders

A recent episode of the Motorcycle Mentor podcast was titled The Low Information Rider and How to Avoid Being One.

I’ll paraphrase a bit for clarity:

  1. The  Low Information Rider is more concerned about their appearance than their performance.
  2. The Low Information Rider believes there is nothing they can do to affect their chances of being in an accident.
  3. The Information Rider doesn’t wear a helmet.
  4. The Information Rider does not use the front brake effectively.
  5. The Low Information Rider seeks riding advice from their friends.
  6. The Low Information Rider doesn’t understand low-side and high-side accidents.
  7. The Low Information Rider is heard to say “In order to avoid an accident I had to lay it down.”
  8. The Low Information Rider barhops on a motorcycle.
  9. The Low Information Rider goes long periods of time without riding.
  10. The Low Information Rider won’t ride in rain.

IMO #2 is the most important;  it’s the main misconception that causes or enables all the others.

I will quibble with #5 to a degree.  I agree insofar LIRs are likely to ask other LIRs for advice because their riding buddies are LIRs.   Informed, safe riders are unlikely to ride with or spend much time around LIRs.  I believe that if one picks the right friends they can be phenomenally useful advisors.  An excellent case of this is the discussions that occur in the ADV Rider Perfect Line and Face Plant subforums.  Lots of informed input on technique and how accidents happened.



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