rough weekend

Bit of a rough [virtual] weekend.  Got some work done but had a few setbacks.

Did a round of hardening of the bird coop.  Secured some landscape timbers around the base where the pack of dogs pushed it in before.  Piece of tin wired in over another place animals might find tempting.

Moved in the dozen guinea keats, who went crazy on bugs on the ground.  Promising.  For two days.  At which point they were eaten, left, or were raptured.  A few feathers around but no carnage.

Apparently there is more work to be done on the coop.  😦

So I got to work cleaning up the fenceline that faces 1st St.  I was playing the radio, charging the phone, flashing the flashers and successfully drained the battery.  Outstanding.

Pulled the tractor up and jumpstarted the truck.   This is when I noticed coolant pooled underneath the tractor.   The thermostat bypass hose (an original fabric-covered OEM part) fell apart:


I plugged the holes with rubber stoppers sacrificed from my homebrewing gear:

Ordered another bit of hose and it should be here in a few days.

Within minutes the truck started acting squirrelly;  it would act like it’d been turn off when running (or even when cranking).  I thought it might be the ignition switch so I swapped that out.  No change.

So I’ve got a weird showstopping glitch in the truck which I suspect is in the ignition switch.   Would have put it in the shop except:

  1. it’s the 4th so the shops are closed
  2. I have to work on the 4th
  3. and my co-workers are off so I had to come in.

Truck made it to work this AM with no hiccups.  That was a nice change, because I upended my bowl of brown rice I made for breakfast all over the floor before leaving the house.

Oh well.  My loss is Sookie’s gain.   Which reminds me;   Sookie jumped the fence Wednesday night and I had to coax her back to the house.

None of it really got to me, though.  I seem to be much calmer out here.


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