I was sick for a bit and it took even longer to get back to feeling normal.  I felt pretty much like Sookie here:

A bunch of things happened that I will relate in a cursory manner:

  • I got the mowing routine under 2 hours.  Yay!
  • Armored the chicken coop 🙂
  • because a pack of 5 loose dogs (some with collars) ate all my birds 😦
  • so I started over with a dozen guineas from a local breeder.  I’ll probably start some chicks in July.
  • took the topper off the truck
  • dropped the mason jar of ‘firecracker’ pickled carrots before I could try them :-
  • smoked the clutch on the chainsaw getting it hung up in a weird position.  Will report back after I open it up.
  • bought a used digital (P25-capable) scanner to monitor Rains traffic.  May try to stream it.  We’ll see.
  • had some excellent Thai food in Arlington with my daughter

That’s all I can remember for the moment.  Wanted to make sure y’all knew I was still alive….


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