fenceline, and progress

I started cleaning up this fenceline in preparation to remove the raggedy chainlink portion.

Removed some of the top poles and three strands of barbed wire that were attached to it.    Lots of saplings growing through it.  Cut the smaller ones with pruners and will get the chainsaw after the larger bits.

Sweaty and hot, I got a little reward that kept me going:

There’s a long, thick dewberry vine nearby, one of the most substantial I’ve seen.  Maybe I’ll try to preserve it by staking it up or something.

The overall idea is to remove the useless fenceline to make mowing and maintenance easier.

Things recently checked off the to do list

Cleaned up the two piles of branches the util company had cut.  Slow going because the grass was so grown up around it and I couldn’t see what I was lifting out with the chain.  Used to be in the area just behind the utility pole:

The fenceline is roughly at the left margin of this photo.  The wildest overgrowth is what we see here;  about 12′ of tree overhang and underbrush.  After the chainlink comes down I will start moving down this fenceline, hacking out the saplings and cutting the low hanging limbs.  I want to be able to mow with the tractor right up to the fenceline.  I may take the topper off the truck to facilitate easier removal of the cut brush.  Or I could get a little trailer, I guess. Will need one eventually, anyhow.

The human-friendly coating on Punkin’s steering wheel has long disappeared.  I got a cushiony wheel cover from Amazon and spooned it on like a bicycle tire (it was tight).

The give and the increased grip point diameter helps relieve a bit of hand strain.  The little Kubota is as basic as they come;  the only power steering comes from Gatorade and my spindly arms.










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