After XP: Lubuntu (86%)

After the massively disappointing Ubuntu experience Lubuntu was a delight.

Lubuntu is Ubuntu but with a clean, traditional, and much lighter desktop.  The “L” in Lubuntu is from LXDE, the name of this particular  desktop.

Looks like this at bootup (all these are clickable thumbnails):


The menu starts from a Start-like button and is easy to understand/use:

My usual shot of the default browser pointed at CNN:

Didn’t come with LibreOffice or OpenOffice by default 😦  so cranked up the usual Synaptic package manager, searched for LibreOffice and installed it:


Suitability for folks migrating from XP:


Install: 9.  Uses the default Ubuntu installer but I experienced no weirdness or jargon.

Grandma test:  9.  Excellent.  Very familiar and easy to use for common activities.

Default applications:  7.5.   Recent version of Firefox with the flash plugin, but no LibreOffice. It’s easy to install but it seems like a core desktop suite to me.

Speed:  9.    Snappy.  There are faster distros but they are generally not friendly to new users.

Updates:  8.5.  It’s Ubuntu under the hood, so the updates are regular.

Popularity:  8.6.  #14 in the DistroWatch popularity ranking.  Luckily, most any problem you might encounter will be shared with Ubuntu with its huge installed base.

51/6 = 86%.




2 thoughts on “After XP: Lubuntu (86%)

  1. I’ve been running Ubuntu 12.04-4 LTS for a couple months now. I really like it. I had never been a fan of Gnome before but it’s gotten much smoother over the years. And Ubuntu picked up almost all the hardware on this Dell Studio 1535. Only thing it didn’t find was my wireless card. I had to install the driver manually and install wpasupplicant too.

    And Ubuntu Server – fits on ONE CD. I love it. Got that running o a political campaign as an MTA running Postfix. It’s an IBM eServer x306 8836 it’s running on.

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