Got the belt (Dayco BP210) put back on the belly mower.  Took a bit of time as I am operating minus any talent for hardware.  :-0

Started with the ditches then moved to the yard.  I’m learning how the tractor handles on uneven ground and different levels of traction.  My first whack at cutting was rough but I feel more confident with the machine.

Hopped down to the Max-a-Mart and got 5gal of diesel to feed the old girl.  I put in 1.5gals which is pretty frugal fuel consumption for two days of work.

Later I stacked some logs and bushes I cut down against the big driveway stump and put the fire to it (again). Since I have a few days off in a row I hope to keep it stoked and get rid of that bastage.  Pardon the quality of the pic below.  It was taking with a potato, apparently.




Since it was dark I went back in dug into another little project. I was up at 1000s of Books (don’t know the real name) and saw what appeared to be a complete sewing machine for $20.  That’s what I wanted to spend and it didn’t look like anybody ran over it so I brought it home.  Found the label on it;  it’s a Singer 4562.

I’d armed myself with some beginner vids on youtube and mission:  fix the ding-danged rips in the cloth pockets of some of my pants and some other mending duties.  I squinted at the manual, I squinted at all the tiny things where thread goes around, under, and through.  Got the bobbin wound.  Woo hoo!  Got the needle threaded!  Most surprisingly, picked up the bobbin thread just like it’s supposed to.

Behold, my first couple of stitches (on walmart closeout fabric of some kind):

I tried to do the reverse/lock thing that the bottom but I don’t know what I’m doing.

Main hurdle at this point is I keep forgetting to put the presser foot down when it’s time to run the machine.  D’oh!


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