My first day of work with Punkin’

The busted belly mower belt comes in tomorrow, so I thought I’d get some non-mowing working done.

I took the chainsaw to somesaplings that were growing along the edge of the pond.  Biggest was about 5″ across; not big.  But they were those spiny Locust Tree bastages and they were on the incline leading down to the pond.

I wrapped a tow strap around them and dragged them to the site of a future burn.

My confidence increased, I started pulling some large limbs out of the field.  I think they were cut down by the power folks.  Just guessing, as I didn’t live here yet when that happened.  The little orange beast happily dragged the limbs to (and onto) the pile I started before.  There are more big limbs hidden in the tall grass but I was tired enough from other work that I would start making mistakes.

My clutchwork and use of the controls is greatly improved.  I did try to drive off with the parking brakes set, though.  :-0

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