The old girl was delivered today.  I’m very pleased so far.

We did some familiarizing in the driveway;  I’d been reading .pdf owners manuals but some of those were pretty beat up before they were scanned.

Did a preliminary test of the belly mower in the embarrassingly high grass around the place.  Did much better than I figured it would on 3′ totally wet vegetation.  In my ham-handed, unpracticed first attempts I engaged the PTO too hard, too fast, and with the deck too high.  The mile-long serpentine belt went “POP!” which is I supposed better than the PTO components going “POP!”


Ordered the new belt and it’ll be in on Thursday.  Installation should be amusing.  Not. But the cost and annoyance will encourage me to get better on the little beast’s clutch, right?



1.1 liter, 3-cyl diesel.  2WD.  60" Woods belly mower.

1.1 liter, 3-cyl diesel. 2WD. 60″ Woods belly mower.


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