The first CUT is most difficult


I have been searching for a small tractor for the microHomestead.

My requirements:

  • standard Class 1 3-point hitch for attachments.  I understand I may only be pulling 4-5′ implements.
  • rough cut the 2 acre field behind the house.  There are no saplings in it
  • cut ditch and yard grass near the house so the neighbors don’t hate me
  • pull limbs and things around
  • lift heavy stuff (boom pole)

My first instinct was an old utility tractor.  But ones with 3ph are usually too big to maneuver in the yard.  Smaller UTs like Farmall Cub had belly mowers but no normal 3ph.

I saw a Craigslist ad for a B-series Kubota with a belly mower and 3ph but it was gone before I could inquire.  It got me looking at Compact Utility Tractors (CUT) or Subcompact Utility Tractors (SCUT).

The L-series tractor I found is a bit larger than I was looking for but I think it will do what I want.  If I tear out the (ratty) fence between the field and the lawn I can make big passes and not have to turn so much in the lawn.

We shall see.  I am a total greenhorn and will likely bounce the old girl off the shed, a tree, and the house before it’s all over.  Doing lots of reading and watching vids right now.  It’s been a long time since I drove dad’s 1949 John Deere A in the fields of our bit of  land outside Point.







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