Point Linux: promising name, but not for most users

I was reading my DistroWatch feed, as they write up new releases of free distributions of the fantastic and free Linux operating system.

A recent article caught my eye: Point Linux v2.2. Funny coincidence so I decided to check it out.  

I loaded it up in a virtual machine (virtualbox) and ran it as a LiveCD.  A “live cd” or “live USB” means running the OS off the media with no install of any kind.

Running as LiveCD

Running as LiveCD


I did end up installing it, but it was more suited to people already used to Linux.  The installer had some tech jargon in the hard drive partitioning section which might confuse newcomers.

Next, though, I’ll be looking at a linux distro that is supposed to be very friendly to Windows folks.  This might be good timing since XP is now End of Life (EOL) and no longer supported by Microsoft after April 8th, 2014.

So watch this space…



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