water, and stop signs

Drove in to set up the last of the utilities (water) at City Hall.  Sarah took care of everything quickly and efficiently.

$200 is a pretty good chunk of change for a water deposit.  Maybe it’s used as a cash reserve to help finance the water utils.  If so, I’m ok with that.

While I was there I read the city bulletin board and added tonight’s city council meeting to the calendar.  I had to drive back to DFW to take care of some pre-move errands or I would have stuck around for the meeting and listened in.

I noticed that the overwhelming majority of published court dates on the bulletin board were for “failure to stop”.  Note to self:  come to a dead stop at every STOP sign, every time!  :-0

Made my first visit to the new PO Box and got my mail.  I feel legitimate now  🙂


utilities and game plan

The house on my family’s land is supposed to be available by the 15th;  I work that weekend so I will have the utils cut over on the 17th.  Probably move my first load that morning.

I packed my stuff in small boxes that fit neatly in the back of my ratty ex-fleet Ranger pickup.  Many offers for help moving but some things are important to do alone.  Time to think.  Carrying every thing you own with your own hands.

During the pack I did a decent job of getting rid of crap I don’t use or need but  I still have way too much stuff.   “Reduce, reduce, reduce” is not just for cooking.

I was hoping to find a cable broadband option but didn’t find one.  Anyone use cable internet in Point?  My place on FM514 is close enough to that old (GTE?) CO that DSL was an option.    Had to take phone service, though.  Would prefer a naked line;  I haven’t had a landline in 6 years.

Speaking of phone, I’ve been using T-Mobile PAYGO for about 10 years but prepaid doesn’t roam out here.  So I switched to Airvoice, an ATT MVNO that gets good voice and data reception.  Happy with them so far.  Their website is tragic but the service and telephone CS are good.  And cheap.


This move has a been brewing for a few years.   Incubating.

I found myself in a suburb, chafing at the size of the house, the size of the mortgage, neighbors who preferred wasteful lawns to productive gardens.  I would stand in my back yard watching the code enforcement car (paid for with our tax dollars) prowl the alleys, hoping the stealth chickens would stay quiet.  I figured the neighbors would report me if I got a goat.

I’d finally gotten my own act together (big thanks to the V.A. hospital!) and started noticing how bound up I felt by the city and the life I had failed to control and guide.  A friend was riding with me in the old beater truck and said “you get happier, more relaxed the further you get from the city.”  Yeah.

I filed for divorce, signed over the house, and started preparing for a move back to the small town that has been a touchstone in my life as long as I can remember.