Amazon, Prime, and rural delivery

I have had a subscription to Amazon Prime (currently $79/year);  it entails free 2-day shipping, kindle loans, and streaming video.

If it all continues to work outside metropolitan areas this may be a real win.

There are two challenges:

Rural Addresses and PO Boxes.

Many companies, including Amazon, balk at seeing P.O. Box in the address line and require a physical address, even if the person cannot receive USPS mail there.  I have read about a workaround which I am currently trying.

Joe Schmoe
123 FM 456
Box 789
Point, Tx 75472-0789

Note that the PO/P.O. is deleted and the PO Box number is given both on the 2nd address line and zero-padded after the zipcode.     Testing it now and will review both the delivery and the products here on the blog.

Internet bandwidth.

The fasted internet feed I found was the 1-3mbps DSL feed from Verizon.   I have tested Netflix down to 1mbps but not Amazon.  Will report back what I find.


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